Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I have Celiac Disease

So today is the official day!  So I decided to write about it...

Almost two years ago now [September 2012] when I realized something was going on inside with bloating and feeling terrible, I decided to go to the doctors.  I asked to get a blood test to see if gluten was the culprit.  My results came back "borderline".  That was enough for me.  I had to do something to feel better.  I gave away/took back all of my glutened food and started my gluten-free journey.  I heard of people getting their intestines biopsied but thought, "Woah that's too much for me I'm going to see if this works".  And, it did.  After a few weeks/months of de-tox mode and feeling tired and sick, I started to heal.  My diet before was mostly gluten.  I only ate pasta when I'd go out to eat, and when I'd go out to eat I'd only want to go to Italian restaurants.  I had a lot of de-toxing to do.

Fast forward two years later, totally gluten-free, I still have bloating.  Even if I have the tiniest bit of gluten, my stomach grows, hurts, and it gets to be miserable.  I decided to see a gastroenterologist to see what's going on.  I had my first endoscopy this month.  I was scared beyond belief.  I knew I had to find out if I just have an allergy or if this is the real deal.  It took a couple weeks and I just got my results today, I officially have Celiacs Disease.  It gives me answers and now I know those minor cross-contaminations at the local restaurants are a big deal.

I recommend anyone who has been recently diagnosed with gluten problems to get an endoscopy when they first find out they need to go gluten-free.  This way, you can track your villi in your small intestine to see the healing process.  Also, listen to your body.  My results from a blood test came back borderline.  I knew something was greater than those tests show.  Even getting tested recently after eating all gluten free,  the blood test showed that the antibodies were gone.  Yet, there was a much bigger hidden issue the blood test couldn't see.  Listen to your body.  If you have a family member who has Celiacs or gluten problems, it's best you see how your body is responding and get tested too.

So... the big debate.  Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Intolerance/Allergy:
-Source: WebMD
  • 1/100 people worldwide have Celiac Disease
    • Only treatment is to eat totally gluten-free
    • Even the smallest amount of gluten can trigger your immune system attacking your small intestine - which can lead to malnutrition
    • It is inherited
      • Direct family members of a Celiac Disease patient should be screened to see if they too have Celiac Disease
    • Increased risk of GI Cancers
  • 6/100 people have Gluten Intolerance
    • Doesn't run in families
  • Both have:
    • Bloating in the abdomen
    • Pain
    • Fatigue
Remember, you're not alone!  I'd love to hear your story.  Many people have no idea they even have Celiac Disease - so I'm spreading the word.

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