Friday, June 14, 2013


So today I came across an amazing connection... Keratosis Pilaris and Celiacs share a strong link.  In fact, KP patients are found to have high levels of gluten anti-bodies in their system - meaning their bodies have been reacting to gluten even if they weren't diagnosed with Celiacs.  I've read many stories where people have Celiacs and KP - and eliminating gluten helps eliminate the chicken skin - me included.

Growing up I always had little bumps on my back of my arms and on my legs, didn't really think anything of it - that's just how I was.  They didn't itch they just, were.  My brother has this too, worse than me.  But I noticed once I started going GF, they started to lessen/disappear.  Now, almost 2 years gluten free - they're gone on my arms and I only have a small amount on my legs.  Yay for feeling great wearing shorts and t-shirts now!  If you're suffering - gluten may be the hidden culprit!

Find tons of stories here:

Chicken Skin

Interestingly enough, gluten could be tied to many more diseases/health issues.  This will be my next topic after some more research! :) Have an amazing sunny weekend!
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