Monday, December 1, 2014

Celiac Disease - Present without Classical Symptoms

I read a very interesting article that I found from - as posted by Udi's Gluten Free Food on Facebook.  The article can be found here:

Celiac Disease is out there, and so many people aren't being diagnosed.  It can show up in many forms - from psychological, on your skin, abdominal pain, anemia, unexplained miscarriages, diarrhea, brain fog, headaches, thyroid issues, joint issues, the works.

After reading many posts under this post from Udi's, many people had a blood test, it came back negative, and they had no idea until an endoscopy that what they had was actually Celiac Disease.  From experience, my blood tests were boarder line positive (and I ate gluten EVERY DAY of my life) and that was enough for me to try going gluten-free, but two years later after an endoscopy, I am a positive Celiac.

The post took me back to some of my symptoms... Maybe you have experienced some of these as well...

  1. Full = Stomach Hurting --> Reality - your stomach should never hurt.  I've eaten a ton of gluten free foods at one time and my stomach doesn't hurt.  Even people holding their stomachs after a big meal, unless you're going to try to be the world's next greatest hot dog eater and stuffed your face full to capacity, your stomach should not hurt.  I had a hard time when I first went GF telling what full is, that comes with time.  I eat a lot more now than I ever did because my pain in my stomach made me thinking I was full when here, I wasn't.  
  2. Anxiety --> So this takes me back to my 11th grade Psychology course learning about people who don't want to be around others in social settings because they have anxiety.  I felt so bad for those people... then fast forward to my senior year in college, and it happened to me.  My roommates would be in our living room hanging out, and I couldn't shake the fact that I couldn't join them.  My anxiety would happen while I was driving I would have panic attacks on my way home from college, then started into social anxiety...  --> fast forward to stop eating gluten... no anxiety.  I never took anything for it and wanted to manage it naturally, here it was happening due to my gluten consumption.  I no longer have anxiety more than the next person.  Going gluten free has changed my life.
  3. Positive ANA --> ANA... Anti-Nucular-Antibody.. this indicates an auto-immune disorder.  I found this out when I was 16... sent to someone for arthritis.. they found I didn't have arthritis and weren't sure what it meant... so I let it go and here it was my Celiac Disease.
  4. Inflammation --> This is a big one... my stomach gets inflamed almost immediately after I eat gluten.  I'll tell you what, I can eat a ton of gluten free foods and my stomach doesn't grow.  But I get one little cross-contamination and here come on the stretchy pants.  I learned recently that my inflammation isn't just in my stomach, but is in my face, my hands... I switched to gluten free products and makeup... my face has de-swollen, my ring on my finger is now loose... it's amazing... Gluten doesn't just harm your intestines, it harms all tissues, and this is where many people go wrong.  Even if you put on lotion that contains, say, oats, and you go eat your sandwich, being a Celiac even 1/5 of a bread crumb will make you sick - so there's your cross contamination.  
  5. Vitamin D levels low - I now take 2000 IUs each day to up my vitamin D intake to normal
  6. Celiac Disease Positive - from endoscopy --> I had blood work done first 2 years ago which said I was boarder line for my Glidden Antibodies... yet I tested positive from my endoscopy years later.  I would recommend an endoscopy if your health permits.  It's a quick procedure and gives you accurate results. My life hasn't changed much after, I still eat GF, but it lets me know it's a hereditary issue, not just intolerance, that I'm dealing with.  
  7. Diarrea - This wasn't a big one for me.  I only had it if I ate gluten+many oils when I was eating gluten still.  The "run to the bathroom" shouldn't happen for anyone unless you have an intestinal disorder like Celiacs... or can't tolerate high levels of fat, I'm assuming.  After being GF, the only time this happened to me in 2 years was if I got a bad cross-contamination only in the beginning of being GF, since then I have had 0 symptoms, even after eating high-fat foods.  
  8. "Difficulty" Digesting Dairy - I put quotes around this one because I know my vili are damaged and hence it's harder for me to digest dairy - so for example, when I was still eating gluten and I had Dairy Queen, my stomach hurt and I felt like I had that run to the bathroom feeling sometimes.  Even today being GF, my stomach isn't the best with milk and cheese, so I eat dairy free cheese and drink almond milk.  
If anyone has/had similar symptoms I'd love to hear from you!  I enjoy helping you all and sharing my story to help others out there unsure what's going on inside of them.  I've been blessed to help a girl at work like me... who now through tests has shown to have to be GF as well.  I hope this helps someone and I would love to hear from you!

With love,