Thursday, September 19, 2013

This is Gluten-ified

Ok friends, this is the most embarrassing post yet.  I'm totally putting myself out there with today's post.  I think there are many out there that wonder if they have gluten problems or their stomachs get larger after they eat and they don't understand why... well... lucky for all of you out there I got cross-contamination when I ate out this week so I can actually show you what happens.  Normally I'm like the picture on the right.  My stomach should be flat and no hurt.  On the left you will see what happens when gluten enters my system.  When I took the picture last night I thought the world will be thinking I'm totally sticking out my stomach to prove a point, which I actually wasn't.  The worst part is, that was one of the better times that I could actually still button my jeans.  Before I was gluten-free and ate lots of pasta and bread I had the hardest time getting my stomach to go down after eating and sometimes, it would take days and my jeans would not fit.  Funny enough my posture was pretty bad in the first picture, my stomach hurt and was so bloated I was basically walking around like there was a baby in there.  The picture on the right I took this morning when I felt and looked better, still a little gluten left but for the most part, this is what I normally look like, gluten-free.

So what do you do when this happens?  Sadly, wait it out.  Try to just eat food that you prepare yourself that you know is gluten-free and don't eat out, drink plenty of water, limit sugar intake, and take pro-biotics (if you get your probiotics from yogurt - check the sugar content in your yogurt... yeah 16g for that little cup? you sure you want to eat it now? :)  Don't feed the bloat).

For those of you who can't eat gluten too, remember, you're not alone.  We all get cross-contamination, we all hurt, we all wish we didn't have this but just remember, it makes us much stronger!

When I was researching some today I ran across a forum where someone was saying gluten free is a fad... I laughed to myself a little and had to share that with you all... well sir, if this picture above says anything, being gluten-free certainly isn't a fad, it is a lifestyle for many of us [who wish we could bite into freshly baked Italian Bread with that angel hair pasta] have to live with.

To all of my fellow gluten-free'ers: just remember, you are NOT alone :)

with love, mel

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