Monday, August 19, 2013

who wants 'smore?

Who doesn't LOVE s'mores?  I absolutely do.

It's summer time, you're around a campfire and everyone is breaking out the bread for mountain pies and the graham crackers for s'mores... and you can too!

This was my first summer being gluten-free & I couldn't miss out on mountain pie & s'more making.

For Mountain Pies:

Use Udi's Gluten Free bread and add in your favorite gluten-free topings.  Just make sure to use butter spray the CLEAN mountain pie maker:

When I mean CLEAN I mean CLEAN:

1. Have your own 


2. Make sure the one you are using is clean and don't re-use after it's been "glutenified"


3. Use foil to wrap yours in so it doesn't get contaminated

Now, for the best part, S'MORES!

Schar's gluten-free graham crackers (as shown above) make amazing substitutes for your favorite graham cracker.  Marshmallows are generally gluten-free so you are --safe-- (just make sure to check the package just incase) here's the facts:

 [In the U.S., the marshmallow industry is dominated by two main companies: Kraft Foods Inc. and Doumak Inc. The good news is, both manufacture only gluten-free marshmallows.]

Then, add in a piece of Hershey's Chocolate, and you're!

Let me know how yours turn out or if you have any favorite mountain pies & s'more ideas!


with love! <3

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