Friday, August 30, 2013

just be... happy!

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

I've been thinking... which, I tend to do a lot of thinking.  Do little things for yourself.  If you are craving that Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte, go ahead and get one!  [Which I totally did twice this week and haven't had any aches! :) So I'm assuming it's GF and GTG]  Do things for others.  Whether it's helping an old lady pick something up or leaving something special for someone you love.  Make others smile.  Make yourself smile.  Life should be happy, why be sad.  Bad things happen, good things happen.  Everything happens for a reason.  Appreciate everything.  Thank God today.  Stop for a moment and watch the sunrise or the sunset.  Just stop whatever you're doing and look around.  Life is happening all around you.  Maybe you'll hear the hum of a refrigerator or air conditioner, maybe you'll hear the sounds of the outside, maybe it'll be a song you have on that you don't realize is playing [and now you do :)]... stop and think of all that you have accomplished.  Think of all the wonders and how when you were so upset maybe weeks months years ago when something made you sad and now you see why it happened and how much better you are now - God has a better plan than we can even imagine.  Be in the moment.  Soak it all in.  Take a deep breath and just... breathe.  And you know what?  Be happy.  Smile.  Make others happy!  Be the light in this world.  Be the positive one at all times.  Look for the good in people and in others.  Stop over-analyzing, stop under-analyzing, really... just stop analyzing all together.  Stop judging others.  Stop looking at others for their skin, race, what have you.  We're all different.  That person could be an amazing musician, a talented artist, an amazing mom, but no matter if they are someone noted as "great" or not, they are great in the eyes of God.  Be positive.  Give people a chance.  Give situations you just don't want to part in a chance.  Go outside.  Be amazed.  Take pictures but be in the moment.  Look at a blade of grass... how intricate it is and how all these little blades make up a great landscape.  Smile.  Be that person you see that is always happy but not fake.  And please, don't be fake.  Just be happy.  Take another bite, gaze a little longer into the eyes of the one you love, read one more page, take one more picture, sleep in one more minute.  Pin just one more pin [ok I do that a lot].  But keep others in check.  When someone is down, which we all get down lets be honest, be the light.  Make them know it's alright!  And no one, is ever, alone.  So here's my gluten-free advice for today.  To just, be... happy :)

with love,

PS - write away and comment away!  I'd love to hear from all of you out there!
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