Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Small Changes, Big Rewards: Patience & Giving Up

About a month ago I was weeding my front yard.  I had these huge, what I thought were big pieces of grass, right next to my door.  I had them on both sides and I pulled out the "grass" on the one side.  I asked my neighbor what she had thought it was and she told me she thinks it could be flower.  So, I waited.  Today, I came home to see these beauties in my front yard.  If I had more faith I would've kept the others on the other side.  It took a month of me staring at what I thought were pieces of grass, but one day, today, it all made sense.  And now, all I see are these beautiful flowers.

In life, we want things perfect.  Whether it's our job, in our relationships, or even being gluten free, we want to know why, we want to know now, and patience is definitely not in our culture.  If you have little faith, not give up, hold strong, and have a little patience, you never know what amazing things can be in store.  :)

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