Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gluten Free Bride | Wedding

Wedding season is just around the corner.  As a gluten-free-bride-to-be, there's a lot to think about to ensure you stay gluten-free for your wedding day.  I'm here to help!  Here are some tips for my gluten-free-brides-to-be or bridesmaids to ensure the bride stays gluten-free for her big day:

Planning your Menu:

  • Make sure your Chef/Caterer knows of your Allergy/Celiacs Disease.  Let them know all that you can't eat (wheat, barely, rye, oats) and anything made from them (vinegar, etc.)
  • Make an all Gluten-Free Menu
    • I'm doing this and this way, I know the whole kitchen will be gluten-free to avoid cross-contamination
  • Talk to your Spouse to be
    • Every wedding I've been to there's always the *ding*ding*ding clinging of the glasses together to have the newly married couple kiss.  Make sure your spouse knows no gluten while getting ready in the morning and they are to eat gluten-free with you that day as well.  This way you won't have any worries and can enjoy your day.  Also see the alcohol section below...
    • Have them eat gluten-free during your rehearsal dinner with you and refrain from that tempting IPA that's full of gluten.  They're marrying you, I'm sure they'll understand!
  • Find a Baker who can make you a Gluten-Free Cake
    • Try different bakeries out months before you have to decide on a cake... see how you feel (bloated, hurt...) to ensure no cross-contamination
    • See if the chef/caterer you are using can make a gluten-free cake as well and add it to your tasting 
    • Get a little cake for you and your spouse to be and get cupcakes for the rest or even do something different for your guests like an ice cream bar.  **Just make sure your cake is far from any cross-contamination and your wedding planner doesn't touch the glutened cupcakes then touch your cake.  
    • If you get a gluten-free cake, don't have the gluten-filled cake be under your gluten-free top - this is cross-contamination 
  • The Cookie Table
    • Keep this far from your food and your cake.  You can still have one but ensure noone set up the cookies then set up your wedding cake.  Precautions are a must on your wedding day!
  • The Alcohol
    • Make sure you have some gluten-free alcohol choices for you to have on your big day.  Wine is always a good choice.  For a gluten-free alcohol list, visit my post: Gluten-Free Alcohol
    • Your spouse will have to refrain from drinking beer with his buddies that day (unless it's gluten-free beer).  This is the time to break out the scotch or whisky to celebrate his big day too!  
    • If your spouse went out the night before, make sure they have thoroughly brushed their teeth (okay mom...) to be sure nothing is lingering from the night before.  Crest and Colgate toothpastes are both gluten-free ;) 

For your Bridal Shower:

  • Make sure your bridal party knows you can't have gluten so they choose options for you to eat at your shower - this includes main dish and the desserts as well
  • Your fiance will most likely come visit you at the end of your shower.  Write him a little note in the morning and ask him to eat gluten-free for you that morning so you don't get any cross-contamination from your welcome kiss
Months Leading Up to your Big Day: 
  • I highly recommend switching to all gluten-free products.  This includes makeup, hair products, lotions, everything.  This will help you with your inflammation leading up to your wedding day.  For more about gluten-free makeup, here's my post: Gluten-Free Makeup 
  • Drink plenty of water and exercise - do yoga to relieve stress, take walks, or anything that you enjoy to take away stresses before your big day
  • Try not to eat out.  Eating out can cause cross-contamination and possible gluten-attacks.  That even means sticking to plain coffee at Starbucks unless you're sure it's gluten-free.  
Rehearsal Dinner:
  • Make sure the place where you are holding your rehearsal dinner is very aware that you can't have gluten what-so-ever.  No cross-contamination at all!  You don't want to be hurting the night before your wedding and look like you are so bloated the next day and feel the pain as you walk down the isle (Okay I'm not trying to scare you but!) so it is VERY important who ever is planning this dinner talks with the chef so they know to be extra careful.  
Your Wedding Day:
  • Have a fun morning with your girls getting ready, but hold the gluten!  Have mimosas, relax, have some fruit or your favorite gluten-free breakfast.  Drink water but not too much!
  • Relax, have fun!  You've already gotten everything taken care of, now it's time to celebrate!
Any other tips you have from your wedding?!  Feel free to write below!

With love,

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