Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Udi's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Wednesday!

I have been craving chocolate/anything sweet... but what's a girl [or guy] to do when you look around and see everyone eating glutenified [totally just made that word up] treats... you find some good ones you can eat!

I've recently discovered Udi's... I love their breads and decided I'd try their chocolate chip cookies [located in the refrigerated section in the bakery at my local store].  I brought some home and they are amazing.  Not only are they gluten-free but they are also soy and nut free too [bonus!].

Needless to say, they are amazing and definitely hit the spot for your sugar/chocolate chip craving, and you can be at ease knowing they won't hurt your tummy :]

I am going to try all of their other products when I can find them at my local store, next is pizza crust...

Hope you enjoy and I hope someone is out there that works at Udi because I just have to say, their products are amazing and I wish I had more at my store :]

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